Tytuvenai Regional Park

Tytuvenai Regional Park was established in 1992 in order to preserve the hilly, boggy, landscape of the region, the old urbanist momuments of Siluva and Tytuvenai, the distinctive nature and the values of cultural heritage. The territory of the regional park is situated in the junction of Kelme, Raseinai and Radviliskis districts. The unique landscape... Continue Reading →

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European day of language

26 of september was the european day of language. The school of Tytuvenai came to the visitor center to play some games and song on different language. I also presented my country during this event.    

Cranes monitoring

During September, the cranes migrate from the north to the south and during this trip they can stop near wetlands to take a rest. With Deima we did a "cranes monitoring". We went to a watching bird tower near a wetland to look the cranes. The plan was to counted the cranes who went to... Continue Reading →

Nida (most beautiful place)

If I have one suggestion for you it's to visit Nida. This village is situated in the west, near the baltic sea at the bordure with Kalingrad. To reach this place you have to go to Klaipeda and take a ferry (1min) to the north of the island (Nida is in the south). You can... Continue Reading →

New indication for tourists

With Arvidas we needed to changed some old indications for tourists. We started to take some wooden logs, to remove the bark tree, to fixe the new logos.At the end we placed these indications in differents places near lakes and tourists areas.

Butterfly monitoring

With Deima we did a butterfly monitoring. Somes butterfly species are protected by Natura2000. We were in a meadow to catch some butterflys, count how many live here, count their plants where they put their eggs... This butterfly (Maculinea teleius) live in a meadow only if one plant (Sanguisorba officinalis) is present. Indeed he lays his... Continue Reading →

Children camp

Tytuvenai Regional Park has organised a camp for teenager (15-17 years old) during 3 days near the Gautsvinis lake. Day 1 The children was coming on the monday morning. The first stape was to built the tents, to prepare the camp... When the camp was ready, we seated in a circle to presented themselves and to... Continue Reading →

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